Video & Feature Walls

Feature & Video Walls

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There are two main categories of digital walls: Feature Walls and Video Walls. Each is defined by their primary purpose. In addition, either may add interactivity for viewer interaction.

Feature Display Walls

Feature Walls bring high impact enhancement to environments with spectacular nature or other content, typically provided by high defintion video to add motion and create a compelling reality.

Video Walls

Video Walls are generally defined by their intent or purpose. These are wide in scope and varied in source material. Examples are advertising, corporate communications including video conferencing, hospitality, health care, transportation, manufacturing and many more.


Feature and Video Walls exist in hybrid also. For example, a health care organization may wish to provide a feature wall with a variety of nature videos, etc., and interrupt that scheduled content with information, current call to actions for funding campaigns, etc.

Multi-Touch Interactive Video Walls

Interactivity with multi-touch across the entire display is growing in popularity whenever the desire to attract interaction with viewers.

Complete Systems and Services

Display Werks provides complete end-to-end services, from design, engineering, content software and delivery systems, project management, systems integration and support.

In addition, we have a unique content service to provide you with award winning content for your Feature Wall.


Landscape, Portrait, Mixed


Row x Column to fit need

Multiple Sources

Video, Graphics, Streaming & more

Content Configuration

Individual, Sections, Single Image

Administration & Updates

Local and Remote Administration

Interactive Option

20+ Point Multi-Touch

System OS Options

MS Windows 7, MAC OSX

Touch System Only Option

Available to dealers for projects or users upgrading existing walls


Complete Design, Engineering, Project Management, Installation and Support

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